How to choose roofing materials?

If you have a complex hip or multi-tip roof, it means you choose flexible or plastic materials – various bituminous coatings, metal tiles, corrugated board or galvanized iron. For the simplest configurations are well suited, those materials that were listed above, but more or less simple – tile or slate.

The slate is heavy enough, so there’s not many people using it now. We need more powerful support structures here. With such a device, the roof slope angle should be 30-60°.

Bituminous materials are euro tile and roofing felt. The cost is not expensive, and the installation is easy, but its durability is small compared to other types. By the way, with a pitched roof under roofing felt and Euro tile must be a solid crate. For the device of such a roof on the normal slope should be 8-18°.

It is easy enough to install a roof of all types of metal, except for a roof made of steel. The difficulty is that in order to avoid corrosion of the metal must be able to install it properly.

The slope of a roof made of asbestos cement sheets, metal tiles or something similar to such materials is 14-60°.

Probably, many people are interested in the monolithic roof, or rather what angle of the roof in this structure. Say one thing that arrange a roof with such a material is almost impossible, as there will be joints between certain elements of the roof. That’s why they influence the slope angles. Corrosion always occurs in such places.

If the angle is small, the wind will bring seeds and leaves into the joints. When they get wet, it means they start to germinate and swell, moving all the existing roofing components apart.

These roofs do not do in 20-25 degrees, because it is in this range of favorable moment for the deposit of snow in winter, and the roofs of the wind load carried mediocre.

What is the result of this?

Properly installed and planned roofing way will not be cheap, but most importantly, it will protect you from the future vagaries of climate. We all know that the construction of the roof is a very complex thing, and you should not take on the project yourself, when you have never done it. And correctly selected angle of slope plays a huge role not only in the life of the roof, but also the whole house.


The angle of slope of such a roof depends on two main parameters:

  • Climatic zone.
  • The selected material for the roof.
  • The best option in middle latitudes is a slope of 20-30 degrees. If serious snow loads are possible in winter, the slope angle is recommended to be at least 45 degrees. But if the snow will be well blown off the roof by the wind, the slope can be reduced.

A single pent roof with its own hands made of different materials will have different angles of slope:

  • the roof of a roof made of roofing felt is 5-10 degrees,
  • from the corrugated sheeting – 8 to 20 degrees,
  • of metal tile – 20-30 degrees,
  • from the slate – 20-35 degrees,
  • the rebate roof requires an inclination of 18 to 30 degrees.