Which roof angle to choose?

Roof pitch is one of the most important parameters that must be laid down in the construction design. Of course, it depends directly on the very climatic conditions in which the structure and the material used.

If the seasonal rainfall is high enough, we have in mind in terms of snow, it means that the roofing material is subject to heavy loads. Therefore the roof angle should be as large as possible. That means that the roofing needs a stronger material.

Here’s an example of “alpine houses”. They are built because in certain places on the planet they have to bear a huge snow load. Roof slopes are made almost to the ground, which allows melt water to be carried away at the right distance without any additional problems.

The height of the building is used rationally enough, all possible tiers are used here, because it allows to increase the usable area. As a rule, at a roof slope of 45°, the snow load can not be considered as “self-cleaning”.

Snow falling on the roof under its own weight just rolls down, so there will be a lot of precipitation in this region and the roof will be clean all the time.

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Roof tilt angle

First of all, the greater the slope, the more roofing material is needed. However, this is not the worst, the scariest thing is that with a larger angle of slope the roof is less reliable, which means that additional fixing is needed. That’s why, as we can see, it’s not so easy to be a roof designer.

Of course, not only the climate affects the roof pitch, but also the roofing materials naturally. Each individual roofing material is designed for a certain angle of slope, because a wooden roof can simply not withstand the load of the roof. That’s why you have to be careful here too.

The type of roof has an even greater influence. It will be operated or not operated. A roof that is not in use is when the top floor where the load-bearing structures or the roof are located is overlapped. This type includes flat roofs (angle of slope not exceeding 2%) or ordinary roofs where the angle of slope does not exceed 7%.

 Pitched roofs

This type of roofs may have four, two or one pitched roof. If it has combined slopes, it means it is an even more complex structure. Finally, the last type is the tent roof. Here, all the stingrays are of the same shape, and the angle is a square. If the roof has a complex shape of geometry, it is also called multi-pinch.

The pitched roof is very good, because the room under the roof can be used for domestic purposes or even as a living room. Here they make attics or, at least, attics.

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