Influence of the roof pitch on the roofing material selection

The ideal roof that would fit all regions and roofing materials has not yet been invented.

So, the gradient has been calculated. Now let’s pick up the roofing material. Slate and shingles are suitable for a roof with an angle of over 20 degrees. If the slope will be smaller, the joints will run into water, snow will clog, and thus will reduce the life of the roof itself.

Rolled materials based on bitumen are used when covering flat roofs or roof pitches that exceed 30 degrees. With high levels of heat from the sun and a higher roof pitch, the roof can simply slip away.

Metal profile and metal tiles are used on roofs with a slope of at least 10 degrees.

And here is a list of the most common roofing materials:

  • Tiled roof tiles. Today enjoys almost frantic popularity. There are many varieties of this material. Such roofs can be easily repaired. But to give money for this material will have a lot But this material is very durable. Its service life can be counted not only in decades, but also centuries.
  • Roofing panels.  Such panels are made directly in the factories and in the end represent almost finished roof. Panels immediately contain several layers – and thermal insulation and vapor barrier and the board itself. It is very easy to install such boards. No special equipment is needed. The panels are fastened to each other with a special tape. But such material is also very expensive.
  • Metal profile.  Sheets of galvanized steel. It’s light enough and strong enough material. Does not give way to rust and is environmentally friendly. Today you can choose any color and size and direction of waves.  Manufacturers give a guarantee on this material for 75 years. Piece materials made of wood, such as drag, chips and shingles. As a rule, no one uses such materials in modern construction. This material is not durable, can rot, nm reproduce microorganisms and is easy to ignite.
  • Schiefer. This material for a long time remains reliable in operation, easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. It is waterproof, frost proof and fireproof. And the appearance has been improved today by manufacturers. You can choose any desired slate color.

When choosing a roofing material, remember that the denser its structure, the smaller the roof slope should be.

When using sheet metal profile and metal tile on flat roofs, it is recommended to pass the joints with moisture and frost resistant sealant. The size of the overlap between the sheets when installing a roof made of these materials also depends on the roof pitch. The steeper the roof, the less overlap there is. This also applies to the slate.

When installing a roof, do not forget to ventilate the space below it. Rolled roofs must also be equipped with a water drainage system.

In this way, it can be concluded that the roof pitch is a very important indicator. Not only the quality of the work but also the service life of the roof itself depends on it.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the value, choose the right roof structure, quality roofing material and a good team of workers. And, of course, not everything on it will need some large budget.