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Representing You at City Hall
Alderman Colón will continue to be a voice for our residents at Chicago’s City Council. He supports the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance and the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, and is an advocate for Landmarking. He was a co-sponsor of the Clean Indoor Air Act, and will continue to work towards making the Ward a cleaner place for all residents.


Thriving Small Businesses, More Jobs
Small businesses are critical in stimulating job growth and economic development. To stimulate this progress, Alderman Colón will work to make the 35th Ward more attractive for new businesses. His strategies include revitalization of the Milwaukee Ave. business corridor, increased allocation of Small Business Improvement Funds (SBIF), and leveraging transit oriented development.

Preserve, Protect and Strengthen Neighborhoods
Zoning is integral to mapping out the 35th Ward’s future and implementing a long-term vision. Alderman Colón and the 35th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) will work to refine this vision and make sound decisions that benefit our community as a whole. Some of these benefits include more environmentally friendly construction, using energy-efficient products. Public meetings will still be held to gather all perspectives on a zoning decision.

Creating More Housing Opportunities
Communities with numerous housing options are able to maintain long-term stability and weather economic highs and lows. Alderman Colón continues his commitment to creating more affordable housing by working with local organizations including Logan Square Neighborhood Association and Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation. He has capitalized on Department of Housing programs to assist longtime residents with their rent through the Low Income Trust Fund. Moreover, developers now have a feasible solution toward offering affordable housing through the Chicagoland Partnership for Affordable Neighborhoods Program (CPAN).


Cleaner, Greener, Safer Streets
As Alderman Colón works to beautify the streets and increase foot traffic, he will help educate residents and businesses on the importance of recycling and proper waste management. Working in tandem with residents in cleaning the ward, Alderman Colón can focus Streets and Sanitation operations toward eliminating rodents and graffiti as well as organizing alley clean-ups.

Safer Driving, More Pedestrian-Friendly Streets
Alderman Colón is participating in a five-year study to reduce the number of car crashes by 80-percent in our ward and surrounding communities. In the immediate future, traffic calming devices will be installed throughout the ward to protect pedestrians.

Decrease in Crime by 25%
Crime has decreased by over 25% since Alderman Colón took office. He will continue this trend by identifying crime hot spots and improving safety in these areas with additional lighting, and creating safe passages to and from rapid transit areas. Alderman Colón will establish a stronger relationship with local police and CAPS groups to encourage residents to form block clubs, and facilitate corrective action meetings involving problem property owners to resolve issues with neighbors and police.

Strengthening Schools
Alderman Colón plans to facilitate communication and the sharing of resources between school principals and Local School Council (LSC) presidents in the 35th Ward by hosting quarterly meetings. In this way, school leaders can participate in an open dialogue and share solutions to their day-to-day problems.


Bringing Neighbors and Families Together
The 35th Ward holds a special meaning for Alderman Colón. Raised in this community, he holds fond memories of the various neighborhood events that brought families and neighbors together.
As Alderman, he has encouraged family friendly activities that instill a sense of place and goodwill among residents. Next summer, Alderman Colón will debut the Sunday Parkways program, which will open the boulevards to bicyclists and pedestrians one Sunday a month for fun, car-free activities. More park improvements are in place, especially for Athletic Field Park, located in the ward’s north side. Funding is currently being secured for the Open Space Plan to establish more green space in the ward.

Arts and Cultural Activities Steps from Your Home
Alderman Colón will continue his quest to create a vibrant art scene in the Ward, including the development of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts District. He is currently working with organizations including The American Theater Company, to bring live theater to Logan Square, and the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance, who are conducting a capital campaign to relocate to the old firehouse at Central Park & Milwaukee.

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