New 35th Ward by Rey Colon: 35th Ward Alderman, Chicago :: Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

By now, 1.3 million Chicagoans have received new cards verifying their voter registration. More than 300,000 people or 25% of the City’s voters will find themselves in different wards under the new map. By law, the Chicago City Council must draw new ward

EXTENDED ENTRY: The new voter cards clarify the new ward and precinct boundaries as enacted earlier this year by the Chicago City Council in addition to the new Congressional, State Senate and State Representative districts.

The redrawn maps take effect with the Nov. 6, 2012 General Election. According to the Board of Elections, instituting the new ward lines allow for precinct consolidations that save approximately $1 million per election starting in November. The new Chicago wards will go from 2,570 precincts to 2,034 which is a 21% reduction from the 2010 Gubernatorial Election. The consolidations involve neighboring precincts where voters already share the same polling place so most voters shouldn’t notice the change. Fewer precincts reduce election costs in warehouse operations, transportation, rentals, staffing and investigators. More people are also voting early or absentee and less are waiting for Election Day.

The Election Board will send another mailing to voters in October to provide information on polling places and the Early Voting sites. Stay tuned for updates starting late September 2012 and continuing through the days leading up to the Nov. 6, 2012 General Election.

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